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Mewwy Cwistmas!! To all the people who celebrate on the correct date (the 24th)! Having a quiet one with my boyfie this year but those have been the best ones so far. Am doing tho whole Bri'ish roast thing tomorrow, kinda scared but I can't show fear in front of that pork shoulder, it can probably sense it. Menu is: roast pork shoulder with veg and apple cider gravy, raclette topped mash, pigs in blankets (sigh) and quick-pickled brussel sprout salad. Aand some sort of shmancy ready made pud for the dessert .

Work has been hella busy due to an internal error meaning we suddenly had way more work to catch up with . Honestly though, I do quite like it when it gets quick paced like that (as long as it works out lmao). Also another colleague left, this time a m*le but he's quite funny so it will be a great loss. We developed solid inside jokes the last couple of months.

An old friend from school messaged me out of the blue, I'm unironically so worried for her. Without dwelling on details, her childhood was bit troubled and she has always had self esteem issues. At uni she got married to some guy 10 years her senior, then quit working to "support him" and, shortly after that, got pregnant. Her husband gives me and everyone who has met him irl very dodgy and kinda controlling vibes and my friend has gotten very socially isolated over these years. I really hope she doesn't fall into the cycle. But I found out she's also into knitting so I think I will use that as an excuse to reach out more often. I also kinda want to knit something cute for her kid when I go home.

Otherwise I have been awright though, had a cute foreign grocery store date with my boyfie, got lots of cute nail supplies, majority of my cards made it to their recipients in time, recieved good stuff from work's secret santa (craft store gift card and local honey!) AND my secret santa gift seemed well apprecitated and made a rly good tinend sardine pasta yesterday.

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Have been seriously lagging behind diary updates! Don't think anyone cares but I just love being thorough to a fault.
Biggest highlights of December so far:

Still biking to work! It's very frosty atm, the last week it even went down to minuses but thankfully no icyness so it's all daijobu. Stole my boyfies thick gloves and it's all good. I did knit a balaclava specifically for biking BUT I started knitting before I got my ears pierced lmao and like, I think the chance of yanking on them is too great to use it. Which makes me bit sad but I will def be able to use it next winter.

Currently in Christmas card drawing hell. As an arts-and-crafts-inclined person I always feel obliged to make cards as opposed to buying them, but also I get really bad anxiety about starting things about the quality of the outcome of which I'm not sure, SO I always put stuff off to last minute and then feel guilty and stressed and awful Yes, fixing the code for this page and writing this entry is me procrastinating Atm I am 4 cards down out of 7 so almost there!

Made an advent calendar for my boyfie, the concept is bit rough (envelopes with sweeties blue tacked to door) but he seems to like it so yay

Overall I kinda hate Christmas but my fav part has always been learning poems beforehand, we have a crazy whacky tradition back home where you have to recite a poem to recieve your gift (seems very soviet but I don't think it's a soviet thing??). I have been trying to mentally recite them during work and I can quite proudly say I still remember solid 5 of them. Can only remember fragments of the epic poem my grandma made me learn when I was 4 though, it's about an ancient local tribe and how they would have all been slain by an enemy if it weren't for a guy with a horn sitting on top of a tree on the lookout (he gets killed tho rip ). The end of it is a historically innacurate funeral for our hero. Yes, it is a weird thing to teach a 4 year old, my grandma was quite weird to say the least but also the more time passes since her death the more I can apprecitate her. She's just like me fr

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Ahh I haven't done a diary entry in a month!!! Not that my life is particularly eventful but still omg, so much has happened. From big and Important things tm, I finished knitting my sweater and am beyond in love with it I was stupid and scared of having too much yarn so I ran out of yarn THREE times in the knitting process, but that still isn't quenching my love for this piece. It's so warm, the two yarns work together well, the fluffiness is amazing, if I bounce while wearing it the sleeves bounce together with me, have gotten showered by compliments irl, etc. IN LOVE.

2nd major thing, got a bike! Well, kind of, I'm just renting one for a month because I wanted to see if biking to work as the primary mode of transport was feasible. It is! I am so terribly out of shape (probably lifetime rock bottom record) so my thighs HURT but the satisfaction of passing by cars stuck in the traffic, including the bus that I would have taken instead is so worth it. I think I will try to get a bike frfr for Christmas. I haven't bothered in these last years because it is easier to move when don't own much, but I feel like now that I have a big girl job tm I am ready. Kinda. I'm trying to talk myself into it still lol

Third, got my ears pierced! Was kinda spontaneous, but also not really as I have been wanting to do so for a while. Messaged a local shop at like 2 am asking for their availability expecting an appointment booking system of some sort, turns out they do walk ins only. So at 1pm of the same day I got my rook pierced, and an hour later after I had had Greggs, I got my tragus pierced as well! Both on my left because I'm a chronic right side sleeper. It's weird how both of them barely even hurt and even now, a couple of days later, I can't really feel them. I feel like my singular lobe piercing gave me more grief (probably because it is on my right side). But I love them, they look so cute with the default jewelry already, can't wait until I can switch it for something cute!

Fourth! Halloween ! Lowkey my favourite holiday, carved a pumpkin at work, went to a pumpkin patch with my boyfie and carved a pumpkin at home, made spooky treats (mostly for my bf, author's note: having a bf is a very expensive hobby), it was lovely. Kinda sad no one came round trick or treating, but I think it's because we might as well live in a retirement community .

Other smaller things are that I finished a couple of books and a whole ass anime for the first time in a while BUT I want to add media review bitties at some point so um, keep an eye out if you have read so far. A knitting diary and a longer ramble about my cameras also pending!

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Um an extremely eventful week?? For lil old me??? It may seem unlikely but it's true!
Well first off, went to a funfair on Tuesday. Hadn't been to one since I was 12 probably! My boyfie got me a hotdawg, churros and cotton candy as he is otherwise useless and unable to win me prizes . Also enjoyed an amazing selection of terrible song remixes, felt like at least one attraction was gonna play that godawful Sweet Caroline remix at any given second lmao. My only regret is that it was so busy I felt too self conches to take some film photos, long exposure and all the pretty lights would have looked so cool together

Then on Thursday we went to Canterbury (see pics in the piccies section!), I was just tagging along my bf's business because I have never been to that end. It was great, very cute medieval town vibes. The dollhouse miniatures exhibit at the Beaney house of art and knowledge and the cathedral (both the real one and the one made out of fudge) were the highlights! Crypt was my favourite part as it had a very goffic gloomy atmosphere and you could hear the organ music from above.

And on Sunday we went to dinner with one of his aunts and her husband. I was very nervous as I hadn't met them before and they're very religious and i'm like, not, but it went alright! She got very sloshed on wine, kept complimenting me how lovely and beautiful I am , how lucky my bf is, gently fondled and complimented my hands on how wrinkle free they are, and proclaimed that we should get married approximateley every five minutes or so. I kinda expected the later but not to this level lmao, it would have been quite awkward if she wasn't so funny. She's just one of those people you know. Suppose was a good self esteem boost, food was decent italian too!

Other mini-updates:

  • developed the latest roll of film! quite happy with it, will upload l8r,
  • finished reading Death in her hands, kinda hated it?
  • nearly done with front and back yokes of my sweater! hype to join in the round finally but am really enjoying making this piece
  • did my 1st fucky wucky at work, pray for me!

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Work has been bit shit this week. 1st is not even related to work but traffic has been so godawful (there was a day where I spent 2h on bus that normally takes 15 mins ), the forced waiting around not being able to do anything has drained all of my productivity. 2nd is kinda my own doing, I failed a single PCR three times in a row because I used the wrong primers (they were mislabelled so not my fault but kms regardless).

In other news, I took apart the 1st sweater I ever made (last year!) on account of the mohair used alongside merino being bit scratchy (I think because it had a polyamide backbone as opposed to silk), got new, nicer mohair (Filcolana my beloved) aaand now am redoing it. Originally it was quite a plain stockinette stitch raglan sweater, the new pattern is a complicated-looking-but-actually-not-that-bad cable one .

Other mini-updates for the week:

  • made apple cake, was poggers,
  • finished reading Cheri by Colette, was kinda poggers but also I'm revolted lmao,
  • did one of my all time fav sets of nails (mostly clear with "blushies" out of pink jelly gel with fine holo glitters and shitton of pink adhesive gems),
  • my skin has gone to shit and i feel insane about it! I think it's bc of the olive sheet mask my mom gave me.. so many clogged pores I want to cry but I did order some AHA peel to help my poor BHA cope with this
  • made a button for this site but idk where to display it lol..

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Thursday was R's last day at work, felt really weird as we started at the same time and it feels like that was just weeks ago. Will definitely miss her, she is the sorta person who makes a group feel like a group you know? Had her last lunch all together in the canteen, she gave me two of her onion rings

Having a four day weekend has been nice, managed to

  • do some clothes shopping for da season (duh, payday),
  • went on a field trip to Hobbycraft (duh, payday),
  • finally finish Yakuza Kiwami,
  • actually do the first two days of inktober (if i finish will be a literal miracle),
  • make solyanka
  • aaand ofc the css/html for diary page (literal miracle).
I still want to add a to-do page, energy drink review page, book review page and maybe a bitty for my arts and crafts endavours?

Chatted with J a bit too, it's always such a highlight, I miss her a lot. I told her we'd be going to Canterbury in a couple weeks time and turns out her dad is from there but got relocated to Inverness during WWII, all this time I thought J was purebreed scottish but really she's half english?! Also what a move, literally couldn't be more opposite ends of UK if one tried.