Welcome to my finished knit object gallery

I learnt how to knit in 2017 but only made self-drafted socks like once a year until last year when I started to branch out into making different garments.

I love toe-up socks, knitting in the round, my interchangeable needles and (like every knit girly atm) mohair

I still feel like a total amateur but if you have any further questions about any of my projects feel free to message me!

            February 2023

Random scrap yarns

        Mini knitted farmyard
        by Sachiyo Ishii

Friend gifted me this book so I'm slowly chugging thru all the different patterns it has! Doing these smaller projects has been quite fun, the instructions are straight-forward, but I wish there was a more seamless join method.

Features a party hat and my 1st shoddy attempt at intarsia

            February 2022

Cascade 220 in Heirloom Lilac
Drops Kid Silk in Light Steel Blue

        Gia zipper sweater

Saw a knitted quarter-zip with a wide neck you can kinda unzip like a sailor collar and knew I had to make something similar. Yarn was a Christmas gift from my bf

Learned how to double knit - amazing technique and the sweater looks so nice and profesh unzipped, but man, did that take ages! Also love the colour for spring

            November 2022

Adriafil Regina in Camel
Filcolana Tillia in Chai

        Moby sweater

A proper wintery cable knit sweater! Had my heart set on it since the pattern was released, the little criss-cross false cable portion??? The pattern was surprisingly easy to knit and the double neck band is something I have been wanting to try for a while, I love how poofy it is!

Regina yarn is actually salvaged from my 1st proper sweater (knit in November of 2021!), unraveling it and de-crimping the yarn was a whole journey in itself lol.

            September 2022

Filcolana Indiecita in Cobalt

        Vintage Sirdar pattern from Etsy

I have been wanting to try out a vintage pattern for a while!

It's amazing how condensed the instructions are but I did make an error on the back pannel due to misreading them (the arm holes go too far inwards) but it is not noticeable!! Also made the cardigan slightly more cropped cuz I prefer that.

Although I love the finished object (especially the yarn and pearl button combo ), I HATED the panel construction and would probably avoid it in the future.

            June 2022

Drops Cotton Merino in Forest Green and Sea Green

        Bomnal vest

1st time I have worked with a yarn that has cotton in it, not a fan at all, thought this would be a get-out-of-jail-free card with regards to washing stuff in the washing machine, but the fact there's no elasticity in the yarn made me stress about my tension too much. You can't hide your loose stitches!!

Happy with the finished object regardless, I think the varsity stripe and twisted rib was a nice touch!

            May 2022

Perlata D'Australia in Taupe
Filcolana Tillia in Coffee

        April cardigan

In love with absolutely everything about it!

The pattern is very easy to follow, the shoulder construction is my fav part, it's so subtle yet effective. Very happy with my yarn choices as well, it feels like a lovely soft cloud. Maybe will swap out the buttons in the future but the current ones hold sentimental value so likely not

Before I had started on the sleeves, my bf said it looks like Shrek's vest and that didn't even ruin it for me, I'm that in love with this cardigan!

            September 2021

Regia Flower Power in Peace
unknown beige yarn


Honestly bought the yarn more than a year prior to starting on them, I think it was a birthday gift for myself?

Absolutely love the main yarn but the beige one felted quite bad making them quite hard to put on This was before I cared about yarn composition and what properties that confers to the finished garment (beginner's mistake).

            March 2019

Regia 4 Ply Tweed in Anthrazit


Love them so much, first and (so far) only kinda plain sock pair.

The yarn wasn't the best choice for socks but do those tweed specks look lovely!

            June 2018

Wendy Roam Fusion 4ply in Tarn


Discovered how much fun cables are during this project, they really make a sock go along so much faster!

I know the image here looks bit silly and noodle-like but I promise they fit great